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Worked for me

Transferred from my Samsung Galaxy s5 to iPhone 8s without any problems!

Good for pics/video...not messages!

This app works as advertised for moving pictures and videos from android to iPhone. It does NOT transfer text messages. Best thing to do is use Apple’s Move to IOS app when initially setting up new phone to move over just the messages and contacts. Then use this app for videos and pics.


You just set up the new phone as a “new phone”, not backing up from cloud, and then download the app on the new phone and start the transfer. It was a very easy process.


Easy fast awesome

gets stuck at the test

i want to give more stars as the app works as advertised. however it took some googling to make it work. every time i tried to start a transfer it would get stuck at Testing connection step up. at that step the app is completely unresponsive. after some research it turned out i made it work but disconnecting both phones from wifi and then connecting it back in a short while

What a nightmare! Very disappointed!

What a nightmare! 4 tries & 3 hours - kept disconnecting. Then had to spend 2 more hours deleting duplicates (1,006) it put on my old iPhone - I only had 350 pics. Tech to call back tomorrow but I’m VERY DISAPPOINTED & UPSET!

Handy but slow

I downloaded the app hoping it would be a quick easy way to transfer everything. It worked great it just took forever to get it done. Overall still better than trying to do the same thing manually.

ATT Transfer app

The Best around!!! You will be very happy that you used this product!


This app wants access to everything but transfers nothing. Gives you an estimate of a few minutes does nothing in that time and more. Data grabber. Don’t use.

Not worth it

It took two hours for the phone to “transfer” photos and videos I already had but not one contact. I’m livid! Don’t waste your time!

So Helpful & Easy

I was so impressed with these ease of the whole thing. Just make sure you have plenty of time to wait :) I just started mine before bed and everything was ready to go the next morning!


I love it

Why did it change dates?

While it appears all of my contacts transferred I worry about the validity of the information because I have birthdays and anniversary’s saved within my contacts to help me keep track and every date was altered most were changed to one day earlier some were changed to several days earlier a bit bothersome. I transferred from an iPhone 7plus to Samsung note 9.



Worked great!

I was transferring over 2,000 photos and videos from my old android device to my new iPhone 8 and it worked wonderfully. It was a smooth transfer. Thanks, AT&T.

Doesn’t work

Worthless app. Doesn’t work, tried deleting the app on both phones and retrying, I restarted my phone after it said info “transferred,” nothing worked. Useless.


Worked really well. The only thing I wish it could do is transfer music. Other than that it was great!


Dysfunctional app from a dysfunctional company. Do yourself a favor and switch to Verizon


Only took six minutes and all my content was transferred to my new phone!

Worked Perfectly!!!

The transfer app was very easy to use. It worked great for me.

Stopped Working

I used to be able to transfer files from my working and paid up AT&T Samsung S7 to my wi-if only iPad. Now the app is asking for an AT&T SIM card in order to use on my iPad. It never HAD a SIM card. What’s going on AT&T?!?


Simply will not work. I have to manually transfer over 70 contacts and lost all of my photos. Keeps saying connection is lost. The connection is not lost.

Great App, Transferred Everything

This app is a no brainer, I transferred everything over that I selected to transfer over. Just give it a few permissions then it does all the work in about three minutes. Done. Thank you so much for creating this app.


How can I move my messages from one iPhone to another?it looks like an earlier version of this app had the ability.


Too slow

It works😁

Love this app. It took awhile to transfer from one phone to another but it worked ❤️


I was able to transfer all the info from my galaxy S 8+ from Verizon to my iPhone A+ on AT&T.

Phone transfer


Loved it

Switching to a iPhone 8 from a droid it couldn’t be any easier

Worked great

Ex peze, contacts plus 540 photos took 8 minutes. No idea why all did not transfer with initial phone set up but nice att guy had me download the app ~ all good!


It works but it is very slow

Worked great

6 minutes and I’m set. Great job

Great app!

It was very easy to use and completed the transfer in minutes.


loved it

Isn’t working

Says I have 887 contacts to transfer. Only transfers 335. Missing a huge amount of important contacts and I’m about to freak out. Girl at AT&T store told me this works every time. On same WiFi...

5 words

Fast and easy to use

Didn’t transfer a lot of stuff

This app did transfer at least half my pictures I did warn me that there was something wrong but it only said they it was a few not a lot. Also it told me it transferred all my contacts but it only transferred about half. Very disappointed. I was transferring my information from my old iPhone 5S to my new iPhone 6.

Doesn’t work

Pretty big waste of time, it said it was working and then an hour later nothing transferred. I’ve called multiple times and they are the opposite of helpful too.

Easy and works

Worked great. Very easy!

Good app

All of my photos and videos transferred in the amount of time given this app works amazing!


Because this app is so incredibly slow and inefficient, I didn’t back the videos up. My iPhone was then reset and I lost ALL my videos. One of the saddest days of my life.

So easy

This app made it so easy to transfer my stuff from my old phone (6+) to a (8+) and I can’t believe everything transferred. The only problem I’m having is with my wi-fi.

Quick and easy

No lie iPhone 4s to a X. Less the 7 minutes to transfer 100’s of photos contacts and videos


Horrible app to transfer 55 photos it took 37 minuets what a joke! Ether remove it from the AppStore or fix it is I can’t use this poor app...

Just what I needed.

I was switching over from my four year old LG G2 to the IPhone X. It worked perfectly.

Transfer Mobile phones

Transferred from android to iOS and it worked perfectly

Works great!

Super easy!

Worked good

Worked really good!

Easy Peasy!

It worked well and moved over my photos and contacts. Just wished that it moved apps as well.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions 5.2- (paraphrased) any content submitted through app, AT&T is able to use, distribute, reproduce and display worldwide and you waive all moral rights. Why does AT&T need this in there terms and conditions?? Why did there employee download this app for me as soon as I got my new phone and wanted to wait till I transferred everything for me to pay, even though it would’ve took an hour. AT&T makes an app that grants them full rights to all your photos and contacts then has there employees push it on there customers, Seems sketchy. Also why is the app approved for 4+ years old when it explicitly says you can’t use the app if you’re under 13?

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