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Good app

All of my photos and videos transferred in the amount of time given this app works amazing!


Because this app is so incredibly slow and inefficient, I didn’t back the videos up. My iPhone was then reset and I lost ALL my videos. One of the saddest days of my life.

So easy

This app made it so easy to transfer my stuff from my old phone (6+) to a (8+) and I can’t believe everything transferred. The only problem I’m having is with my wi-fi.

Quick and easy

No lie iPhone 4s to a X. Less the 7 minutes to transfer 100’s of photos contacts and videos


Horrible app to transfer 55 photos it took 37 minuets what a joke! Ether remove it from the AppStore or fix it is I can’t use this poor app...

Just what I needed.

I was switching over from my four year old LG G2 to the IPhone X. It worked perfectly.

Transfer Mobile phones

Transferred from android to iOS and it worked perfectly

Works great!

Super easy!

Worked good

Worked really good!

Easy Peasy!

It worked well and moved over my photos and contacts. Just wished that it moved apps as well.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions 5.2- (paraphrased) any content submitted through app, AT&T is able to use, distribute, reproduce and display worldwide and you waive all moral rights. Why does AT&T need this in there terms and conditions?? Why did there employee download this app for me as soon as I got my new phone and wanted to wait till I transferred everything for me to pay, even though it would’ve took an hour. AT&T makes an app that grants them full rights to all your photos and contacts then has there employees push it on there customers, Seems sketchy. Also why is the app approved for 4+ years old when it explicitly says you can’t use the app if you’re under 13?

Very smooth process, after I...

The design and functionality of the app is great, and it worked like a charm. My only issue was that the app kept crashing on my old Nokia Windows phone early in the process. When that happened, there wasn’t a good way to abort it on my new iPhone so I could try again. I finally uninstalled all the added apps on the old phone, restarted it, and it worked like it should. Something was apparently conflicting. The bottom line is that I didn’t lose any contacts and my photos and videos didn’t have to be manually copied from OneDrive.


Do not use the new or old phone while transferring data. I wasn’t aware this was a requirement until I read what another user wrote about this app. I recently bought an i-phone6. I was told about this app and decided to give it a try because I had so photos on my old Android phone that I absolutely could not lose because they chronicle my child’s first year of life. It took several tries of starting the app and letting it sit, to reach the point where all of my photos were successfully transferred to my new phone. All attempts failed for various reasons but through trial and error, mostly error partly on my fault the final attempt was successful and the app worked great that time around, so I decided 3 stars was a fair rate for this app.

Large Data Transferring Succesful

Thank you so much for this awesome apps... Very much helpful indeed... With out this apps will never have a chance to transfer my data files ( 10,500 photo, 5,200 videos ,& 80 Contacts) from my old damaged iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone 8 Plus. My saved photos and videos were very important to me and they were mostly consist of documents and educational ,informational videos from my fb group page which I administered a 12,000 members ... Thank you sincerely and definitely will surely recommend this apps to everyone... Thank you and May God Blessed You All Well.. Have A Wonderful and Blessed Days. Emmanuel D. Sacramento,CA. 06/16/18

Best App Ever

For days I desperately tried to sync my backup onto a new phone to save all my pictures. Downloaded this and finished in less than an hour!! Only thing is that I wished it included apps. I’ve never written a review before, but I had to say how great this is!!

Simple, fast, perfect

Transferred all my contacts, photos and music as fast as any other download would take. It’s excellent.

Transfer hung up somewhere. Just keeps saying transfer in progress

Please tell me how to clear this.

Easier than ICloud

Great little app to transfer key data quickly

Awesome app

Best and easiest - MOST user friendly - least amount of hassle - ANYONE can do this! Thank you so much for creating such an awesome app to make the transfer of all phone info on past android fully transferable to new iPhone!

ATTN: if your screen is broken

Make sure you turn your brightness down on your old device if you are transferring from a phone with a cracked screen.. Also I was having an issue for a while the app not working saying it was “testing the connection” the fix for this was to turn off and turn on Wi-Fi on both devices if you get this issue to fix it. Once it worked it took less than a minute to transfer all my contacts so I can’t complain!

Voice memos

Including voice memos in the transfer would be monumental!! Other than that great app.

Big Help

Get it to save time! Awesome! Thx.

Did not work at all

I was told at the AT&T store to use this app to transfer my contacts. It did not work. It’s simple to use.... maybe toooo simple. There are no troubleshooting menus or “help” menus if it doesn’t work as advertised.

Useful App

This app was very great and easy to use. Not confusing at all.

Total garbage

I’ll desperately seeking some way to move my contacts from one phone to another I stumbled across this gem while trying to move 205 contacts over instead got 50 contacts half of which order from I can only imagine decades old servers. Connect two phones to a computer and move it over right? No such luck


Quicker than stated

Super easy

This app was recommended by the at&t sales person and it could not of made transferring photos and videos easier. I am pretty sure my 3 year old could’ve done this without much help. I did not use the contacts transfer feature as I need to do some serious clean up (many duplicates and outdated contacts) and would prefer to start with a clean slate, but I imagine this would be an ideal feature for many. Overall a great app and worth the few minutes to download and transfer!


It transferred everything except my Apps and messages, and it took a very long time to transfer everything else.

Simply the best

I went to AT&T stores trying to transfer my contacts from my android phone to my new iPhone. Believe it or not neither store did what I needed however by using this app AT&T transfer it did everything in more of what I needed. This is the best app ever if you haven’t tried it I totally suggest that you do. You rock AT&T thank you.

Doesn’t work...

My phone was an iPhone 5S and I’m upgrading to an iPhone 8. For whatever reason when I backed up my old iPhone to update my new iPhone not everything transferred over. I was using iCloud to transfer everything but there were some things that didn’t make it such as my contacts and calendar appointments; ironically all my photos and apps did. So I tried this ATT Mobile Transfer app. Upon setting up it took forever to “get connected” or whatever term it uses. After that it said it was “finding content”. The issue is that it never stopped loading... I kept both of the phones connected for about 45 minutes to an hour and the entire time the app said “finding content”. I decided to close the app down on the phone to see if anything happened and it didn’t. Other people are saying theirs took a few minutes....I was not so lucky. 2nd time around: I went through my old phone and I deleted apps and photos that were transferred with iCloud. I think this made connecting to the ATT Mobile Transfer much easier! However, there still 200 or so contacts that will not transfer over. I go through the prompts and select contacts, it sees 378 of them, but when I hit transfer only 178 actually transfer... I’ve tried it like 4 or 5 times and it still doesn’t work.

To time consuming

It kept transferring the same 4 pictures, so I had to go to my old phone to delete them, it would only transfer like 2 photos at a time. This is too time consuming it would be easier to just email them all to myself, or airdrop them to a friend and have them airdrop it back to me...

Best way to move contacts

Took 5 seconds. Didnt get any duplicates. At&t takes this trophy.

Edward Green

Very easy to download and use. Thank you. Kuntagr


It’s quick and simple nothing better than this app


Fast and easy to use. Wish it did more than just contacts, photos and videos though.

Super Easy!

This worked quickly and was very easy to do!


The app was great to transfer my photos contacts and videos. Just wish it would have also transferred the albums. I have to go back and look for all my favorite photos again.

Simply awesome!

Took 5 seconds to transfer contacts. Wow!


I gave the app a two star it does do what it says it does but I wanted it to move my music over and there is no where to select music so therefore this app is useless for me

Great app!

Really helpful and easy to use.

Transitioning to a new phone has never been easier.

Intuitive, fast and a great job by the team at AT&T. Able to transfer 442 pictures, 19 videos, and 200+ contacts in a matter of 2 minutes. Totally beats going to the store to transfer this stuff and waiting for atleast 30 minutes just to talk to someone. Again, excellent app.


Fue increíblemente rápido pasar los contactos de un tlf a otro, literalmente unos pocos segundos 😄😃😃

So user friendly ,second iPhone since my iphone4

So excited to be able to transfer with ease,and I might only have a new iPhone 7 I love it .Great to be back with Apple Iphones

Love hate relationship

Great app for those who don’t have iTunes, easy and convenient. However the app closed out multiple times and i had to start over. A few pics transferred and I could only retransfer them. This means I had double pics in my new phone.

Galaxy - IPhone

I’ve used the app to transfer between galaxies before(which went great), but transferring galaxy to apple is a dud. Only 1 contact transferred lol

iPhone 8 and the Dylan experience

Had a very easy and enjoyable time doing something most would consider a nuisance and it’s all thanks to the Mystery Women who couldn’t have made things simpler. Much appreciated Dylan everything went Perfect.

So helpful

Thank you so much for this app

Thank you

Thank you for this app! I thought I lost all my pics and videos! Thanks to this app I recovered them all including my contacts! I will recommend this app to everyone! It’s easy and worth the hour wait!!!!

Got the job down

It was a bit clunky at first and got hung up. It worked great after the second attempt.

Works well

Works well but doesn’t transfer apps

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